Navigating to Analytics

  1. Sign in to the Financials and Supply Management apps.
  2. Click the checkered icon in the upper left hand corner. The application selector is displayed.
  3. Click the Analytics icon. The icon looks like a chart. The main landing page is shown where all of the modules in this space are displayed.
  4. Click the applicable mobile icon.
  5. Click a dashboard to navigate to it. For example, in the Buyer Performance dashboard, the performance of the buyers in the current period is displayed.

    You can rest your mouse pointer on the report to see the detail of the chart elements. If you click that element, you are directed to the Purchase Order Header Detail report with supporting detail for Total Product by Buyer.

    From this report, you can navigate several ways:

    • Click the hyperlinks in the report, highlighted blue to drill into the detail of this report and jump to a new report.
    • Click the Home button on the blue navigation bar to go back to the Purchasing landing page.
    • Click the back arrow next to the Home icon to return to the previous page.
    • Click the down arrow next to the title of this dashboard to view more details for the dahboard. For example, select the Purchase Order Header Detail dashboard to see the Purchasing dashboards. You can click any report to jump to it.
    • Click the downwards arrow next to Purchasing to see other modules to which you have access and click to navigate there.
      • The down arrow on the right displays the list of the dashboards in the Purchasing collection.
      • The down arrow next to the Purchasing collection displays all of the collections in this space.

    There is another navigation pane on the right-hand side of the screen which is also accessible by clicking the folder icon. A menu is displayed that shows both the associated collections and the dashboards.