Requisition Management measures

Measure Source and/or calculation
AOC Total Sum RequisitionLine.AOCAmount
DaysFrom Req Approval To PO Creation Days span between Requisition Approval Date and PO Creation
DaysFrom Req Creation To Approval Days span between Requisition creation and requisition approval
EnteredUOM Multiplier RequisitionLine.EnteredUOMMultiplier
KilledLine Count
KilledQuantity RequisitionLine.KilledQuantity
KilledValue RequisitionLine.KilledQuantity * RequisitionLine.KilledQuantityuisitionLi
LinesTo Sourcing Count Distinct Record count where RequisitionLine.SourcingEventRequired = Y
LinesTo Sourcing Value RequisitionLine.SourcingEventRequired= Y

IF ([RequisitionLine.CreatePurchaseOrder] = 'true' and[RequisitionLine.SourcingEventRequired] = 'true') THEN [Lines To Sourcing Count] = 1 [Lines

ToSourcing Value] = [RequisitionLine.Quantity] * [RequisitionLine.UnitCost] ELSE [Lines To Sourcing Count] = 0 [Lines To Sourcing Value] = 0 END IF

NoContract Line Count
NoContract Quantity
NoContract Value
OffContract Line Count
OffContract Quantity
OffContract Value
OnContract Line Count
OnContract Quantity
OnContract Value
PCard Requisitionline.UseProcurementCard=True
Quantity RequisitionLine.Quantity
ReqQuantity RequisitionLine.Quantity
RequisitionCount Distinct Count of RequisitionHeader = RequisitionCount
RequisitionLineCount [RequisitionLine Count] =1IF ([RequisitionLine.UseProcurement Card] = 'true') THEN [PCard] = 'Y' ELSE [PCard] = 'N' END IF
RequisitionLineValue [RequisitionLine Value] =[RequisitionLine.Quan tity] * [RequisitionLine.UnitCost]
Return Quantity RequisitionLine.ReturnQuantity
ReturnValue IF [RequisitionLine.ReturnQuantity] > 0 THEN [ReturnValue] = [RequisitionLine.ReturnQuantity] * [RequisitionLine.UnitCost] ELSE[Return Value] = 0 END IF
Taxable IF ([RequisitionLine.PurchaseTaxable] = 'true') THEN [Taxable] = 'Y' ELSE [Taxable] = 'N' END IF
UnitCost RequisitionLine.UnitCost