Enabling Security Filters in the Model-GL-Measures space

  1. Sign in to Infor Birst as an Administrator.
  2. From the landing page, select the Model-GL-Measures space in the left column and click Space Management > Security Filters.
  3. Click the Create New icon.
    Note: If the security filter already exists, then rest your pointer over the line and click the Edit Security Filter icon. Check the parameters specified below, and make edits if required. You can then enable the security filter.
  4. Select Variable as the Security Filter Type.
  5. Under Column, click Browse. Expand Default Subject Area > Measures > Finance Dimension 01.
    Note: If Finance Dimension 01 is not listed under Measures, then you must to set it as a measure for the 5 sources listed in step 7. In the left navigation menu, click Modeler > Relate. Specify the name of the source in the search box. Rest your pointer over the source name and click Edit Column Properties. Click Finance Dimension 01 and change the Column Type from Attribute to Both. Repeat this process for the other sources listed in step 7.
  6. Under Variable Name, select FinanceDimension1Security.
  7. Under Applied Sources, confirm that All Sources is selected. If not, click the > symbol, select all the sources in the right column and click Apply.
    The applied sources selected should be:
    • GL Period Totals
    • GTD SubSystem Link
    • Project Contract Invoice Line
    • GLT Transactions
    • GTD Transactions
    • Budget Period Totals
    • Commit and Encumbrance SubSystem Link
    • GL Commit and Encumbrance
  8. Under Space Group Exemptions, select FinanceDimension01SecurityExemption_ST.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Enable the security filter.