Setting up in the FSM application

An Accounting Entity Group and associated Accounted Entities must be defined before creating an Accounting Entity Security Group.

  1. In the Application Administrator part of the FSM application, select Financials > Global Ledger > Setup > Finance Enterprise Group > Maintenance.
  2. Double-click the Finance Enterprise Group (FEG) of interest.
    This displays the FEG's details.
  3. Click Accounting Entity Group in the left column.
    1. Click Create in the top half of the screen to create a new Accounting Entity Group.
    2. After the Accounting Entity Group is created, add Accounting Entities to the group by clicking Create in the lower half of the screen. Specify Accounting Entities in the new lines.
  4. To create an Accounting Entity Security Group, perform these steps. Creating an Account Entity Security Group and adding a user eventually restricts the user’s access to data that is associated to the Accounting Entities from that Security Group.
    1. Select Financials > Global Ledger > Setup > Global Ledger Security Setup > Accounting Entity Security Groups (FEG Dimension 'Accounting Entity').
      The landing page lists the existing Accounting Entity Security Groups.
    2. Click the Create button.
    3. Specify the relevant information, including the Accounting Entity Group defined earlier.
  5. After a Security Group is defined, users, which are known as actors in the FSM application, are linked to the Security Group using a record called Actor Context. These records are entered manually. To enter a record for a Security Group, perform these steps:
    1. Click the Actors Assigned To This Group tab in the lower half of the screen.
    2. Click the Create button.
    3. Specify the actor ID.
    4. Click Save to save the record.
      Note: You can search for the actor ID using the search icon in the Actor field.
      Actors that were added to the Security Group can only access the Accounting Entities which are part of that Security Group.
  6. After the security setup is defined, Replication Sets must be run to pull the data from FSM to the Data Lake. To run Replication Sets, performs these steps:
    1. Switch to the Administration Console part of FSM and select Database > Replication.
      The list of Replication Sets is displayed.

      FSM_SEC_ST is the replication set created for Security Groups, and includes Actor Context information. It does not include information about Accounting Entity Groups, which is pulled in by the FSM_GL_ST replication set.

      Note: The FSM_GL_ST Replication Set only needs to be run if an Accounting Entity Group was created or modified.
    2. Select Replication Sets FSM_SEC_ST and if necessary, FSM_GL_ST.
    3. Click Replicate.
    4. In the scheduling prompt, under Scheduling Details > Schedule Type, select Run Once.
    5. Click OK.