Performing pre-update steps

  1. To access the newly provisoned STC spaces, re-sync role from Infor Ming.le by re-adding the Birst-SystemAdministrator security role to your user.
  2. In Financials and Supply Management, validate and register out of date schemas of FSM*_ST replications sets.
  3. In ION Desk, select Connection points > FSM_IMS. Click the refresh icon to add the new business classes.
  4. In ION Desk, select Data Flows > CSF_to_Datalake. Add the new business classes and reactivate.
  5. In ION Desk, select Data Lake > Compass.

    Run these commands to clear cache for the data objects used in Compass Query. Copy each command and click Run Query.

    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_InvoiceRoutingCodeResource', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_InvoiceRoutingCode', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_PayablesInvoice', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_MatchInvoiceMessage', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_PayablesInvoiceAudit', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_FinanceTeamMember', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_GeneralLedgerCalendarPeriodXref', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_PayablesInvoiceDetail', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_PurchaseOrderLine', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_ContractLine', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_PayablesInvoiceDistribution', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_PayablesCompany', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_PayablesInvoicePayment', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_PayablesInvoiceTax', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_Vendor', 'True')
    EXEC INFOR.CLEAR_TABLE('FSM_VendorAddress', 'True')
  6. Reset business classes listed in Updated Business Classes.
  7. In Financials and Supply Management, run Replication.
  8. In Infor Birst, stop all CSF workflow schedules. Ensure that all spaces are in available status.
  9. Make a backup of all your ATC and STC spaces and name them using this format: ZZZBackup – SpaceName - Version - CurrentDate.
  10. Clone and set the STC-Reset Extract Variables workflow to the last full replication.
  11. Run the cloned STC-Reset Extract Variables worfkflow.
  12. Run the STC-Extract and Process worfkflow
  13. Validate content in STC by going to STC-Consumer space. Check reports and dasboards.
  14. Move custom content from ATC to STC. See Moving content.
  15. If there are custom model changes, then:
    • Run the STC-Delete All Processed Data workflow
    • Run the cloned STC-Reset Extract Variables worfkflow
    • Run the STC-Extract and Process worfkflow
  16. Validate STC-Consumer space with your custom content.