Running Orchestration workflows

Use this procedure to access Orchestration and run workflows for the initial load of data after provisioning.
Note: The workflow names do not have release numbers.
  1. In Infor Ming.le, navigate to Infor Birst.
  2. Select Admin > Orchestration.
  3. Clone CSF - Reset Extract Variables workflow.
    1. From the workflows, select CSF - Reset Extract Variables,
    2. Click the arrow down button and select Clone Workflow.
    3. Rename the cloned workflow to CSF - Reset Extract Variables <YYYY-MM-DD>.
    4. Set the AllExtractDate variables to the same date when the replication was initially started or reset.
  4. Run the workflows.
    1. From the left panel of your workflows, select a workflow.
    2. Click the arrow down button for the Actions and select Run Workflow.

    Workflows are run in this order:

    • CSF - Reset Extract Variables <YYYY-MM-DD>
    • CSF - Extract and Process
    • CSF- MSCM Extract and Process (Optional)
      Note: Run this workflow if you implemented MSCM.
    • CSF - Security (Optional)
    • CSF - GL Subsystem Link (Optional)
      Note: Run this workflow when you must link your General Ledger transaction detail records to the subsystems for reporting.