Performing post-update steps

Update workflows

See Updating Orchestration workflows.

Rename spaces

Starting 2022.04, spaces were restructured and renamed. After these changes, ATC spaces that are still using the old names should be renamed accordingly.

This table shows the old names and new names of these spaces:

Old name New name
[TENANT]-CSF-Model-FIN [TENANT]-CSF-Model-FIN_deprecated
[TENANT]-CSF-Model-ORD [TENANT]-CSF-Model-ORD_deprecated
[TENANT]-CSF-Source-MSCM [TENANT]-CSF-Source-MSCM_deprecated
[TENANT]-CSF-Model-TC-Clinical [TENANT]-CSF-Model-TC

To rename the spaces:

  1. In Infor Birst, rest your mouse pointer on the space name.
  2. Click the arrow down and select Rename.
  3. Specify the new name in the space name.

    For example: [TENANT]-CSF-Model-FIN_deprecated

  4. Click the check icon to save the changes.

Delete backup spaces

You can delete the STC and ATC backup spaces to cleanup your list of spaces.

Delete data on STC spaces (Optional)

You can delete all processed data on previous STC spaces since these are now unusable.

Backup ATC spaces

To have the latest backup of working ATC spaces, create a new backup of these spaces after the update is completed.