Preparing a template

After the copy completes, you can clean the dashboard. We recommend that you remove the content below the bar that contains the Back button, Home button, and the Last Updated Date.

The clean template can be customized and used in new dashboards.

  1. Remove dashlets from the page.
  2. Remove filters from the page.
  3. Deselect all filters in Filters > Manage Filters..
  4. Move the dashboard template to the Tenant folder.
  5. The As of Date uses a variable to display the date and time of the last update. You can choose to match the date with the content displayed in the dashboard being updated.
    Variable Subject
    LastUpdated_AM Asset Management
    LastUpdated_AP Accounts Payable
    LastUpdated_BL Billing
    LastUpdated_CB Cash Management
    LastUpdated_FR Franchise Management
    LastUpdated_GL General Ledger
    LastUpdated_MSCM Mobile Supply Chain
    LastUpdated_PO Purchasing
    LastUpdated_RQ Requisitions
    LastUpdated_TC_DriverEvent TrueCost Driver Events
    LastUpdated_TC_LastProcessed TrueCost Processed Date
    LastUpdated_VR Vendor Returns