Adding drill back in the Infor Birst Visualizer report

Perform these steps to add a drill path to a Payables Management visualizer report to perform a drill back.

  1. In Infor Birst, open the report in Visualizer.
  2. Select Advanced Tools > Report-Level Drilling.
  3. Click Add Drill Path.
  4. Select the column in your report for the drill back. For example, PayablesInvoice.Invoice.
  5. Click Hyperlink and select Open in: Same Window.
  6. Specify this URL: '?LogicalId=lid://infor.fsm.fsm&ViewId=InforSupplierInvoiceView&ID1='+[Company.Company]+'&ID2='+[Payables Invoice.Payables Invoice].
    • The Logical Id indicates the application you want to drill to. In this case, the application is , which has the logical id lid://infor.fsm.fsm.
    • ViewId is defined in the Infor Ming.le registry. InforSupplierInvoiceView helps to redirect to the right screen inside the FSM Application.
    • ID1 and ID2 are the unique parameters that identify which transaction you are drilling into. These parameters are configured with the viewId in the registry. You must not change these parameters. In this example, ID1 refers to the company and ID2 refers to the Payables Invoice. The IDs can be found in the Context Viewer application of the Payables Invoice Screen in the FSM application. These change according to the selected row.
  7. Click Done.
    The column where the drill back URL is added is highlighted.
  8. Add this report to a dashboard to perform a drill back.
    Clicking an invoice number drills back to that particular invoice in the FSM application.