Importing the HCM package

Note: HR Talent Analytics is required to import the HCM package.
Granting access to HCM packages

Users who have access to HR-Model model space and GHRBIRST-SecurityExemption can access the package.

To enable access to the HR Data Model package:

  1. In Infor Birst, select HR-Model space.
  2. Select Space Management > Packages.
  3. Select HR - Cross Product Analytics to modify the package.
  4. In the Access tab, specify GHRBIRST-SecurityExemption. Users belonging to this group can import the package.
Importing the HCM package

To import the package:

  1. Navigate to Infor Birst in Infor Ming.le.
  2. Select CSF-Consumer space.
  3. Select Modeler > Connect.
  4. Click the ellipsis and select Networks.
  5. Search the HR-Cross Product Analytics package and click Connect.