MSCM data replication

Replication sets can be configured to define the business classes to replicate, the fields to include, and the conditions to use for record selection. In data replication, stored data is replicated from a relational database and exported to Infor Data Lake, where it can then be consumed by Infor Birst.

Data is produced by MSCM and stored in the tenant’s database. MSCM sync periodically extracts the schema and data from the MSCM database. The schema is then sent to the ION data catalog using Data Catalog APIs. The extracted data is sent to ION using IMS REST APIs. The data received by ION is processed by the defined data flow. Based on the data flow, the MSCM data is sent to Data Lake. MSCM data is now available through ION for other applications to use.

Before replicating, a schema definition for each of the business classes on the replication set must be registered with ION. The schema ID is made up of the data area, replication set name, and the business class replication name. The default business class replication name is the business class name, if the replication name is not set.