Infor Mobile Supply Chain and Management Analytics overview

Infor Mobile Supply Chain Management (MSCM) Analytics is a module of Financials. MSCM Analytics is used to capture data and generate reports from the MSCM application. These data can be used to make better business decisions and business process improvements. MSCM Analytics is used to organize data into informational summaries to monitor business performance. MSCM uses mobile handhelds, automated data collection, and wireless technology that is used to simplify and improve receiving, delivery, and inventory processes.

MSCM Analytics provides pre-configured reports and reports that you can build and customize from scratch.

MSCM Analytics is powered by Infor Birst, an Infor company. One of the key features of the Infor Birst embedded platform includes Dashboards. Dashboards provide a self-service interface for business users of all types. You can use Dashboards to see important trends in your processes from a summary level. These processes can be broken into details making up the transactions that are displayed.

In the multi-tenant Infor cloud, Infor Birst integrates with Infor Data Lake. Infor Data Lake is a component of Infor OS and provides the flexibility and agility to deliver robust cloud analytics.

You can use replication sets to pull data from MSCM and into the Data Lake where it can be leveraged by Infor Birst in MSCM.