User management

As seen earlier in this guide, security roles are assigned to users in Infor Ming.le and sync to Infor Birst using BODs. During re-provisioning, Infor Ming.le is not affected, but replacing the spaces clears the user security setup in Infor Birst.

To recreate the previous user security setup, new BODs must be sent from Infor Ming.le to Infor Birst. This is done by clicking the disk icon in the user's details tab in the user management menu, which triggers a new BOD. Currently, this process must be done for each user.

A workaround consists of exporting and importing an XML file with the security roles assignments of every user.

In the User Management landing page, Manage > Users, click EXPORT ALL USERS, select XML as the export file type and click EXPORT.

In the same page, click the import icon, select the xml file exported earlier, and check the Update existing users and Complete Replacement of Security Roles boxes. Click IMPORT.