Dashboard level security

Dashboard level security gives a user the ability to explore dashboards and reports, which are grouped in collections, such as Global Ledger and Inventory Management. Standard security roles give access to certain combinations of collections and the dashboards and reports within.

The Infor Birst Analytics home page shows the list of all collections. Whether a user can access the dashboards and reports of a given collection depends on the standard roles that are assigned to that user.

Access to the Infor Birst Analytics application requires the CSFBIRST-User security role. Assigning a standard security role does not explicitly grant access to Infor Birst Analytics.

Infor Birst Analytics is delivered with several types of security roles: standard roles, a report writer role, a power user role, security exemption roles, and administrator roles.

Note: The _ST at the end of the security role names stands for Standard Template.

This is the list of the pre-delivered security roles:

  • Standard roles
    • AssetAnalyst_ST
    • AssetManager_ST
    • BillingAdministrator_ST
    • BillingManager_ST
    • Buyer_ST
    • CashAnalyst_ST
    • CashManager_ST
    • ChiefFinancialOfficer_ST
    • ContractManager_ST
    • Controller_ST
    • CreditAndCollectionSpecialist_ST
    • FinancialBusinessAnalyst_ST
    • FinancialsProcessor_ST
    • FranchiseManagementAdministrator_ST
    • InventoryIntelligenceSpecialist_ST
    • InventoryManager_ST
    • LeaseManagement_ST
    • OrderEntryManager_ST
    • ParLevelSpecialist_ST
    • PayablesManager_ST
    • ProjectAccountant_ST
    • ProjectAdministrator_ST
    • ProjectManager_ST
    • PurchasingManager_ST
    • ReceivablesManager_ST
    • Receiver_ST
    • Requester_ST
    • SupplyManagementAdministrator_ST
    • SupplyManagementProcessor_ST
    • TrueCostAccountant_ST
    • TrueCostAdministrator_ST
  • Report writer role
    • ReportWriter_ST
  • Power user role
    • CSFBIRST-Power-User
  • Security exemption roles
    • AccountingEntitySecurityExemption_ST
    • AccountingUnitSecurityExemption_ST
    • AllSecurityExemption_ST
    • FinanceDimension01SecurityExemption_ST
    • FinanceDimension02SecurityExemption_ST
    • FinanceDimension03SecurityExemption_ST
    • FinanceDimension04SecurityExemption_ST
    • FinanceDimension05SecurityExemption_ST
    • FinanceDimension06SecurityExemption_ST
    • FinanceDimension07SecurityExemption_ST
    • FinanceDimension08SecurityExemption_ST
    • FinanceDimension09SecurityExemption_ST
    • FinanceDimension10SecurityExemption_ST
    • FinanceEnterpriseGroupSecurityExemption_ST
    • ProjectSecurityExemption_ST

Administrators have access to these roles with additional permissions. See CSF Birst Analytics and Infor Birst from Infor Ming.le.

  • Administrator roles
    • CSFBIRST-Consumer-Administrator
    • CSFBIRST-Model-Administrator
    • Birst-SystemAdministrator
Note: Security roles beginning with FSMBIRST may display in Infor Ming.le but are not currently used and should not be assigned to users.