Configuration parameters for replication

Component Key Recommended value
Replication chunk.size Default = 1000000 (1MB) Replication chunk size for sending the data stream.

Max value = 10MB

Replication max.clob.size Default = 100KB Replication maximum allowed number of characters for a CLOB (Text data type) field.

Max value = 500KB

IMS MULTIPART True Indicate whether multipart messaging is used; multipart messaging is only used with IMS v2 and above
Replication track.for.duplicates True Use an in-memory cache to track for potential duplicates caused by data changes during an active incremental replication. Default is true.
Replication log.duplicate.hits True Log duplicate record hits during replication. Default is true. Writes it out to the batch executor log.
Replication sync.wait.seconds 120 seconds Replication synchronization wait seconds. Range is 0 seconds to 120 seconds.