Customizing dimensions with the attribute extension space

Attributes should not be added to any dimensions outside of Infor guidance. This can break the model space and delivered content. Instead, use the Infor-provisioned attributes and the procedure here to add any content to the model space.

Queries are delivered with fields similar to the delivered model with natural keys. There are pre-assigned fields that flow based on the query modifications. The field types are automatically detected by Infor Birst, so modification might be necessary. After the datatype is accurate, it must be locked to prevent any reassignment by the utility.

The space include:
  • 20 String Fields
  • 5 Integer Fields
  • 5 Number Fields
  • 5 Date Fields

When Infor provides an update, only the Infor-provided spaces are updated. Spaces that you create, either from scratch or as a copy of the Infor space, are not updated.

Note: If your customer spaces use packages from the Infor spaces, they may be affected by the upgrade.

As new content is developed, Infor updates the spaces. Changes to the content are needed due to underlying changes to the applications. Applications apply these updates to all tenants during a maintenance window. No action is needed on your part.

You are notified in advance that the update has been scheduled.

To make these custom fields available, perform these steps:

  1. Register and load the field into the Data Lake.
  2. Extract the field from the Data Lake by changing source’s extraction query.
  3. Add the field to the extraction group. Depending on the field, add to Transaction or Dimension User Extension group respectively.
  4. Map the new field to the user field by changing the Statement Script in the Extension Space.
  5. Rename under the Tenant Custom Subject Area in Consumer Space.