Updating Extract and Process orchestration

Use this procedure to add steps for Extension space and to run the workflow.

  1. Navigate to Infor Birst in Infor Ming.le®.
  2. Select Admin > Orchestration.
  3. Clone CSF - Extract Process.
  4. Edit the workflow.
    1. Rename the workflow to CSF - Extract and Process with Extension Space.
    2. Add this task to Step 1 of cloned workflow. Publish 011 Clear Source Tables from <tenant>-CSF-Model-Extension.
    3. Add another step after Step 1 to extract the custom extract group from Model Extension Space by adding this task. Extract Custom Extract Group through CSF Infor Data Lake from <tenant>-CSF-Model-Extension.
    4. Add Incremental for Model Extension Space in the last step of the cloned workflow, by adding this task. Publish 111 - Set Incremental – GL Dimensions from <tenant>-CSF-Model-Extension.
  5. Save the changes.