Extensibility flow

Extension Space is one of the delivered spaces to the customers.

An important aspect of Extension is that you can use it to update the reports and make modifications without breaking the model.

The main idea of extension is to bring the user fields into the extension space and then attach it to the model to prevent changes in the model.

Adding user fields directly into the model breaks all the reports. Therefore, we are extending these fields so that all the reports continue to work the same as before.

These are all the dimensions that can be extended:
  • FSM_AccountingEntity_Ext
  • FSM_AccountingUnit_Ext
  • FSM_FinanceDimension01_Ext
  • FSM_FinanceDimension02_Ext
  • FSM_FinanceDimension03_Ext
  • FSM_FinanceDimension04_Ext
  • FSM_FinanceDimension05_Ext
  • FSM_FinanceDimension06_Ext
  • FSM_FinanceDimension07_Ext
  • FSM_FinanceDimension08_Ext
  • FSM_FinanceDimension09_Ext
  • FSM_FinanceDimension10_Ext
  • FSM_GeneralLedgerCalendarPeriod_Ext
  • FSM_GeneralLedgerChartAccount_Ext
  • FSM_GeneralLedgerCompany_Ext
  • FSM_GLTransactionDetail_Ext
  • FSM_Item_Ext
  • FSM_PayablesInvoice_Ext
  • FSM_Project_Ext
  • FSM_PurchaseOrder_Ext
  • FSM_PurchaseOrderLine_Ext
  • FSM_Vendor_Ext
Note: Although you can add user fields, you cannot remove the existing ones.