Replication Business Classes overview

Each business class within the ReplicationSet is registered in the ION Registry through the action called Register Schemas. After the set has been registered in ION, the Replicate action can be executed on the ReplicationSet. This will cause an initial replication of the records in all the business classes in the set and the stamp of replication will be saved. An optional condition can be defined for each business class to restrict record selection. Only records that were created, updated, or deleted since the last replication was performed are replicated.

Button Description
ReplicationSet Defines the replication set, including which business classes are part of the set and the export format (currently only JSON is supported).
RepSetBC Defines the set of fields to replicate and the record selection Condition.
RepSetBCField Defines the fields that should be included in the replication set.
RepSetBCRelatedReplicate Defines related records that can be used to determine if data for a record has changed and should replicate even if the RepSetBC record itself has not changed. This is useful when replicating related fields as well as local field. If the related record changed, the row should replicate even if it had not changed itself.