Creating a replication set

Use this procedure to create a replication set.
  1. Select Administration Console > Database > Replication .
  2. Create a replication set.
    1. Select Create.
    2. Specify a name for the replication set, and optionally specify the history count, a description, and an export format.
    3. Click Save.
  3. Add a business class to the replication set.
    1. Click Create on the Business Classes pane.
    2. On the Replication Class form, select a Business Class and specify needed information.
    3. Click Save.
      After you save the business class to the replication set, the primary set key fields are added automatically,

      You can add more fields by clicking Add Fields and selecting the type of persistent fields and persistent field cube dimensions values. Use the Fields tab to modify the list of fields

  4. After defining the replication set, select Register All Schemas from the Actions menu on the Replication Set form.
    See the Infor Landmark Technology Online Documentation.