Homepage widgets

Homepages provide a high-level view of business processes from multiple applications in a single page. The FSM Analytics Report widget that is delivered with Infor Ming.le® can be used to view the birst visualizer reports from FSM Analytics as widgets on Infor Ming.le homepages.

To view the available homepages, end-users need to have the IFS role Homepages-User.

To create or edit a homepage the user needs the IFS role Homepages-Administrator.

The user can add the homepages from the Page catalog and widgets from the widget catalog.

The user can add the FSM Analytics Report widget from widget catalog and configure the widget to view any birst visualizer report on the homepage.

To know the steps for configuration the widget refer the KB article 2070070. https://support.infor.com/espublic/EN/AnswerLinkDotNet/SoHo/Solutions/SoHoViewSolution.aspx?SolutionID=2070070