Granting access to packages

Only users belonging to a user group with access to a package can perform an import package.

Use this procedure to enable access for CSFBIRST-Model-Administrator user group to packages.

  1. In Birst, select a space.
  2. Select Space Management > Packages.
  3. Click a package to modify.
  4. In Access tab, select CSFBIRST-Model-Administrator. Users belonging to this group can import the package.
    This table displays the packages in each source and model space:
    Space Package
    [TENANT]-CSF-Source-GL Infor-FSM-GL-Source-Dimensions
    [TENANT]-CSF-Source-SCM Infor-FSM-SC-Source-for-Models
    [TENANT]-CSF-Source-Security Infor-FSM-Security
    [TENANT]-CSF-ConformedDimension-GL Infor-FSM-GL-Conforming-Dimensions
    [TENANT]-CSF-Model-SCM Infor-FSM-SC-Model-for-Consumer
    [TENANT]-CSF-Model-Extension Infor-FSM-Dimension-Extension
    [TENANT]-CSF-Model-GL-Measures Infor-FSM-GL-Measures
    [TENANT]-CSF-Model-TC Infor-FSM-TC-Clinical
    [TENANT]-CSF-Model-Coleman Infor-CSF-Coleman