Document owners – example

A customer invoice in IDM has the Accounting ACL. Therefore, only users with the Accounting security role can access the document. This invoice requires a sign-off from a member of the HR team. This person does not have the Accounting security role.

To ensure this HR team member can access and edit the document:

  1. Ensure the Customer Invoice document type has the owners functionality enabled. To achieve this, in the document type properties, select the Enable owners check box.
  2. The specific member of the HR team requires the ability to read, edit, check in, and check out the document. To achieve this, add a new ACL, named "Document Owners", to the document type.

    In this ACL, add the IDM-Owners role. Then select the Read, Edit, CheckIn, and CheckOut check boxes for this role and click the + button. Click OK and click Save Changes.

  3. After the "Document Owners" ACL has been added, you can add the HR member to the customer invoice document that requires sign-off. To achieve this, check out the document and specify the IFS Person ID of the HR member in the MDS_Owners field. Then save and check in the document.

    The HR member can now access and edit the document.