Related documents

In the IDM Control Center, users with Administrator privileges can create rules by which documents are related.

  1. Navigate to Control Center > Administration > Document Types.
  2. Choose the document type for which you want to create a rule.
  3. Click the Related Documents tab.
  4. To add a rule, click Add New under the Items in Bundles list.
  5. Specify the documents you want attached to the document type. You can perform this action in the same way a search query is built.
    See the example at the end of this section.
  6. Alternatively, add an XQuery to define the document bundle.
  7. You can add multiple rules.
  8. Save the rules.
  9. To delete a rule, select the rule and click Delete.

Example - Bundling

For example, you create this query to bundle documents:
/Customer_Document[@Name = "{Name}"]

This query selects all documents from the “Customer Document” document type, where the name attribute matches the name attribute for your document type. These documents are displayed on the Related Documents tab.

You can create such a query through the query builder. Alternatively, you can manually specify the query.

To create this query in the query builder, specify this information:

Specify a description for the bundle.
Document Type
Specify Customer Document.
Property or Attribute
Specify Name.
Specify = Equal.
Specify {Name}.
Enable dynamic mapping
Select this check box.