Creating a policy through XQuery

With the Enter Query Manually option selected, complete these steps to create a policy.

Each retention policy contains these parts:

  • An action
  • A description
  • An XQuery

In the retention policy configuration you can perform these actions:

  • Click Add to add a retention policy.
  • Click Edit to edit a retention policy.
  • Click Delete to delete a retention policy.

Add and Edit menu

For more information, click Information in the menu.

Field Description
Action The origin and destination of the data that is affected.
Description A short text that identifies the retention policy in plain English.
XQuery The result of the xQuery search in IDM defines the documents that are affected by the retention policy. You can copy and paste the result from the advanced search box in the document search. Relative time functions can also be used for building a query. For more information, click information, above Add.

To archive Employee Applications 8 months after they are created:

/Employee_Application[@CREATETS < date()-yearMonth(-8)]

To delete all Invoices 6 months after their last modified date:

/Invoice[@LASTCHANGEDTS < date()-yearMonth(-6)]

To archive all photos one week after are created:

/Photos[@CREATETS < date()-date(-7)]