Enabling the IDM-SignatureUser security role for a user

Note: To perform this procedure, Admin security privileges are required.

You may not have administrator privileges. In that case, ask your system administrator to perform this procedure for each user who requires access to IDM Signature. Alternatively, you can ask the system administrator to grant you the appropriate access to perform this procedure.

Use this procedure to enable signatures for a specific user, as long as the related document type is checked for signature.

  1. In IDM, click the User Menu icon in theInfor Ming.le toolbar and select User Management.
    The Users page is displayed.
  2. Find the row that contains the concerned user record.
  3. Click the User Details icon and then click the Security Roles tab.
  4. Ensure the IDM-SignatureUser security role is added for the user. If this role is not visible in the list view, click the + button above the list view. Then find the role and add it to the user.