Job Management

Use this page to track when a user has emailed a document, printed a document, or saved the document to IDM.

This information is used for troubleshooting in case a job has not completed. If a user performs any of the above actions, the job is displayed in the Job Management data table. Jobs that are successful disappear from the view after they are finished.

This table shows information that is displayed in the data table:
Field Description
ID The job ID as stored in IDM.
Batch ID The batch ID if the job was performed with multiple documents at a time.
Status The current state of the job.
Submitted by The user who submitted the job.
Date The date on which the job was submitted.
Time of submission The time at which the job was submitted.
Time to complete The time it took to submit the job.
Error message The reason the job failed.

You can also search using filters for ID, Batch ID, time ranges, status, and submitting user. To open the job in IDM, click a link in the data table.