ACL rules

In the IDM Control Center, users with Administrator privileges can use attribute values in documents to secure these documents.

Example: You want all invoices over $500.00 to be private. Therefore, you create an ACL rule in the Invoice document type, where the attribute is “Amount”, and it is greater than or equal to 500. The XQuery, which can be displayed when you add or edit a rule, would look like this:

/Invoice[@Amount >= 500]

  1. Navigate to Control Center > Administration > Document Types.
  2. Click the ACL Rules tab.
  3. To add a rule, click Add New in the Current Rules list.
  4. Specify a description for the rule.
  5. Specify the attributes you want to use to determine whether a document is secure. Do this similarly to how you would build a search query.
  6. Alternatively, add an XQuery to define the document bundle.
  7. You can add multiple rules. The rules are followed in the order that they are listed.
    Example: If you have a document that fits Rule 1, but not Rule 2, this document’s ACL is changed.
  8. Save the rules.
  9. To delete a rule, select the rule and click Delete.
  10. To edit a rule, select the rule and edit it in place.