Attribute Search

You can search for documents using their attribute data. To perform an attribute search:

  1. Access the IDM search bar in the upper-left corner. Click the drop-down arrow.
  2. Select a type from the Select Document Type drop-down list. The Select Attributes box is populated based on the selection.
  3. Select an attribute from the next drop-down list. For example, Id, Name, Description, Status.
  4. Select a condition from the respective drop-down list and specify the value. The conditions change based on the selected attributes.
  5. You can create and combine search criteria indefinitely. You can also combine attribute criteria with free text search criteria. Click + to add criteria to the search query.
    As an administrator of IDM, you can search for documents that were created by a user that was soft-deleted in the Infor Federated Services.
  6. Click Search. The Result Area shows the records that match the search criteria.
    For example, 'Find all Approved Images' using this search criteria:
    1. Select the document type as Image, the attribute as Status, the conditional operator as ‘=’, and the value as Approved.
      You must select an operator and a value if you select an attribute.
    2. Select a condition from the respective drop-down list. The conditions vary based on the selected attribute type.