Use this tab to view and modify the general properties of a document type.
Field Description
Display Name Required. Name of the Document Type. Constraints: None
Business Context Attributes Configure which attributes and properties should be available in the published business context message for documents of this document type. You can view these messages in the context viewer.
Name Required. The ID of the Document Type. The value is generated from the name by default, but can also be changed manually.

This is automatically generated.


  • ID format: Only letters (a-z, A-Z), digits (0-9), and underscore (_) are allowed. The ID cannot start with a digit.
  • Unique within all existing Document Types.
  • Enabled only when a new Document Type is being created.
Document Title Choose the attribute that is used for the title of each document of this type.
Text Searchable (Dis)allows text search on the documents stored under this Document Type. Constraints:
  • Enabled only for existing Document Types (disabled in the New Document Type Wizard).
Language Text search language. Constraints:
  • Displayed and enabled only when Text Searchable check box is selected.
Template Enables and disables the functionality to create documents of the specified document type from documents that are pre-populated with attribute values and a file.
Use case sensitive LIKE Enables and disables the use of case sensitive LIKE searches in the database. Select this check box when using Postgres as a database and attribute indexes are added. Otherwise the indexes are not used during searches in IDM.
Use unique ID If this check box is selected the items in the document type get a generated unique ID that can be used as a reference. A unique ID is not changed during a data migration and always keep its value unlike an Internal ID.
Enable Owners If this check box is cleared, only users with an appropriate role can access documents of the document type. An appropriate role is a role that is part of one of the document type’s Access Control Lists (ACLs). ACLs are sets of user roles and privileges.

If this check box is selected, specific other users without such a role can also access certain documents of the document type. Such a user can access a document if these conditions are met:

For an example, see Document owners – example.