Using the Import tab

  1. Navigate to Control Center > Administration > Import / Export and click the Import tab.
  2. Click Select XML file and browse for the XML file. A file validation applies. Only XML files that were created by the exporter are accepted. If validation fails, Import XML file remains disabled.
  3. When the configuration file is uploaded, an import preview is displayed and includes any or all of these parts:
    Document Types and Value Sets The list of document types and value sets to be imported.
    Document Type Filter A list of document types that is displayed for the user when importing this configuration.
    Result List Result list configuration to be imported.
    Business Context Models Business context model configuration to be imported.
    ION ION configuration to be imported.
  4. You can collapse or expand each part to see possible warnings or information:
    • Warning - yellow sign: The warning sign does not disable Import XML file. We recommend that you go through all warning messages before starting the importer. This could be due to these situations:
      • Some configuration parts already exist in the repository that might be overwritten, for example, Result List.
      • Some configuration parts already exist in the repository that might be lost, for example, Document Type Filter.
    • Information - blue sign: The information sign does not disable Import XML file. It is usually displayed in these situations:
      • If some parts cannot be imported, for example, Items.
      • If some existing parts are merged with new ones from the XML file, for example, Result List.
    • A green OK sign with no message required.
  5. Click Import XML file to run the importer. When the import is finished, a report window is displayed with an information table that summarizes the status of the import. If any error occurs during the import, the error message informs the user what went wrong.
When the import is successful, Import XML file is disabled.