Using the Export tab

  1. Navigate to Control Center > Administration > Import / Export and click the Export tab.
  2. Optionally, perform one or more of these actions:
    1. Expand the Document Types part to select one or more document types.
    2. Expand the Value Sets part to select one or more value sets.
    3. Expand the Configuration part to select different parts such as Document Types Filter, Result List, Business Context Model, and ION Configuration.
  3. Click Export to create an export XML. A window is displayed with the configuration export preview.
  4. Click Save to save the export XML.
  5. Depending on the selection, the exported XML may contain these parts:
    • documentTypeFilter - A list of document types that are included in Administration > Configuration > Document Type Filter.
    • resultLists - Result lists configuration.
    • bcModels - Business context model configuration.
    IONION configuration
    ion:isActive If publishing to ION is active or inactive.
    ion:userSpecify the ION user.
    ion:documentTypes A list of document types publishing to ION.
    ion:workflowConfiguration A workflow configuration.