IDM administration

Infor Document Management enables customers to manage business documents related to ERP objects and make them available to the user.

It provides a versatile solution for storing, sharing, reusing, and archiving digital content.

This product reduces the time and cost for searching documents. Infor Document Management is secure and provides granular access control, enabling users to add security and permissions down to individual pieces of the document.

This document provides reference information for Infor Document Management administrators.

Who Should Read this Document?

This document is written for those who are administering Infor Document Management. It also serves as a useful guide for those who want to understand how the product works and learn more about the available functions.

Administrator Responsibilities and Tasks

As a system administrator, your role is to ensure the Document Management system is accessible for users.

You must have the required knowledge to assist users in their daily tasks.

You are expected to maintain the data model. This includes document types, value sets, and access control lists. All of these are located in the content repository.