Creating read-only user access to IDM

Complete these steps to create a read-only user for IDM, for example for auditing. This user gets read access to all documents in IDM. External auditors could get this kind of access to simplify an audit.

  1. Add the user of the auditor in IFS.
  2. Create a new IFS security role, "Auditor", and add the auditor user to it.
  3. Add two security roles to the auditor user: "IDM-User" and "Auditor".
  4. For all ACLs in all document types, add the Auditor role and only enable the "Read" privilege.
  5. Optionally, if the auditor must have only Read-Only and no Edit access that the role "IDM-User" may give: ensure the "IDM-User" security role does not grant more than read privileges to any document.
  6. To revoke Auditor access, reverse the steps.