Tabs for IDM Enterprise Print

For IDM Enterprise Print the manage service function has these tabs:

  • Print Locations: Use this tab to view the locations that have been set up in the Enterprise Connector. To enable and disable locations, you can use the toggle button. After the location is enabled, it takes some time to process. Therefore, the status is updated to track the progress.

    This table shows the status codes that track the enablement process:

    Status code Used when
    In_Progress_Adding_Services The location has been found and the service file has been sent.
    In_Progress_Services_Added The print service has been created at the location.
    In_Progress_Updating_Configurations The configuration has been completed for the new service.
    OK A successful response has been returned by the new printing service.
    Error The request has failed.

    As soon as the status is OK, the location is enabled. If the status is in any other code, a retry button is displayed to get the updated status or retry the process.

    Note: When the Enterprise Connector is upgraded to a newer version, you must navigate to the Print Locations tab so that the link can be reestablished. This happens automatically when you open the tab.
  • Printers: Use this tab to view the printers that have been accepted in IDM, or search for the printers by Printer ID, Printer Name, Location, or Date Created.

    You can add a printer to the print service.