Infor HR Case Management

Fields can be shown on Closed Case form

The Category and Subcategory fields were configured so they can be added to the Closed Case form.

No configuration is required to enable the feature.

Configurable attachment confirmation message

Customers can configure the attachment confirmation message on Ask HR.

No configuration is required to enable the feature.

  1. As a user with administrator privileges, click Populations.
  2. Click a population.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. In the Ask HR Attachment Confirmation Messages area of the page, specify messages in the New Cases field and in the Existing Cases field.
  5. Click Update.

Single-page Copy Quick Case

The population list in the Copy Quick Case menu is now a single page. Users can scroll the page to view the populations instead of viewing only a limited number of populations on multiple pages.

No configuration is required.