Adding deep links and redirects

Add a link into a human resources information system or to an outside website.

Use this process to place a link into an HRIS or an outside website on a portal landing page or on a widget. The best practice is to use this procedure instead of adding an inline link to a site. The advantage is that the link can be displayed on multiple pages of your portal but be controlled at a single source, so updates are fast. This topic discusses non-Single-Sign-On links. To add these links, you must add a reference of the Redirect URL Master integration document and configure the data items to specify the URL and the locations of the link. (When you use a reference document, it inherits any changes that are made to the source document.) You must add a reference of the Redirect URL Master integration document for each link that you add. You must assign groups to the document.

  1. Access the document manager.
  2. Select Add New Document > Add from Organization.
  3. Click Add Method and select Reference.
  4. Specify redirect url master in the Name/Tag search field and click the Search button.
  5. Select Redirect URL Master and click Add.
  6. Close the Add Documents menu.
  7. In the Document Manager, search for Redirect URL Master in the Document Name search field.
  8. Click Edit to open the document.
  9. Click the Document name drop-down menu and select Data Items.
  10. To place a link on a landing page, click Section. The Section data item menu opens.
  11. Delete the sample text.
  12. Specify the subject of the landing page and the section where you want to place the link. Use the format subject_section number. For example, career_1.
  13. Click OK to close the Subject data item menu.
  14. To add links to additional landing pages, use the other section data items.
  15. To add a link to a widget, click widget1.
  16. Select a choice and click OK.
  17. To add links to additional widgets, use the other widget data items.
  18. Click rooturl. The Rooturl data item menu opens.
  19. Specify a URL or select a choice, then click OK. When you specify a URL, include http:// or https://.
  20. To add key words, open the keywords data item and add them, using the examples as guides.
  21. To make the link to be displayed in multiple locations, use the other section data items..
  22. Assign the groups that you want to see the link.
  23. Change the name of the document. The name that you give the document is the link label that is displayed in the specified landing pages and widgets.
  24. Check in the document.
  25. Publish the document.