I cannot find an uploaded document in the Document Manager.

Solution: Go to the Document Manager and specify the the document name in the Name/Tag field.

I cannot find a page that was published to the site.

Cause: You may have had browser windows open to both your stage or test site and to your live site at the time you published. Or the system might not have been able to register permissions for a new document.

Solution: The system verifies your access to pages at login. Try logging out of one or the other environments and publish again. You must make sure that groups have been assigned to the document, including AnswerTools, and that the document has been mapped to a landing page.

I cannot open a document in Edit mode.

Cause: You cannot edit reference documents or other documents that are configurable only, such as authored plans. First, verify that the document can be edited. If so, the document may be checked out by another user or it may be in workflow. In either case, you are prohibited from checking out the document until it is checked in or the workflow is complete.

Solution: In the Document Manager, look for the icons that indicate that the document is checked out or in workflow.

I updated a document and checked it in, but the updates are not shown.

Cause: When you view a document in Edit mode, you are seeing the latest draft. When you check in a document, you see it in View mode, which shows the last version that was published. Updates do not appear in View mode until a document has been published. You can view the updates (and continue to edit) in Edit mode.

Solution: When you’re ready to update the site so all users with access to the document can view the updates, you can publish the document.