Changing the name of a topic

On a content page, change the generic name of the pre-built topic to a name with meaning. The topic can be displayed on the search results page, so it is important that the name reflect the subject matter. The topic can be identical to the document name.

  1. Access the document manager.
  2. Click the page that you want to edit. If the page is not checked out by another user, the system checks it out, and it is ready for editing. If the page is checked out by another user, you are not permitted to check it out until it is checked in again.
  3. With the page open in Edit mode, click the Topic Name drop-down and select Topic Properties. The Topic Properties menu opens.
  4. Specify this information:
    Short Topic Name
    The name that displays in any link to the topic from another page, depending on the length of the name and the available space..
    Long Topic Name
    The name that displays on the page.
  5. Click Save. The new topic name is saved. When you check in and publish the document, verify the updates have been made.