Adding a link to a Related Links list

The left header of each landing page includes a Related Links list where you can place links to websites that are hosted outside of the portal. To add a link, you must add a reference of the Related Links integration document and configure the data items to specify the URL and the locations of the link. (When you use a reference document, it inherits any changes that are made to the source document.) You must add a reference of the Related Links integration document for each related link that you add. You must assign groups to the document.

  1. Access the document manager.
  2. Select Add new document > Add from Organization.
  3. Click the Add Method drop-down and select Reference.
  4. Specify related links in the Name/Tag search field and click the Search button.
  5. Select the Related Links document and click Add.
  6. Close the Add Documents menu.
  7. In the Document Manager, click the Refresh button.
  8. Click the Edit button that is associated with the Related Links document that you just added.
  9. In Edit mode, select the Page Name drop-down and select Data Items.
  10. Click rooturl.
  11. Delete the sample URL.
  12. Specify a URL or select a choice, then click OK. When you specify a URL, include http:// or https://.
  13. Click section. If you have already specified a landing page for the section data item, select another landing page option.
  14. Select the choice that corresponds to the landing page where you want the related link to be shown and click OK.
  15. To add the link to another landing page, click section2, delete the sample text, and specify the landing page in this format: subject_link, where the subject is the landing page subject. For example, specity career_link to add the link to the Careers landing page.
  16. Select Subject and set the subject to the primary landing page location of the link.
  17. Close the Data Items menu.
  18. Assign the groups that you want to see the link.
  19. Change the name of the document. The name that you give the document is the link label that is displayed in the Related Links list of the specified landing page.
  20. Check in the document.
  21. Publish the document.