Landing page layout

During implementation, the users work with Infor subscription services to specify and implement landing page elements. Information in this topic describes landing page layout and the elements that you can specify.

There are two general classifications of landing page elements: general and section. At the general level are things like banners, title, main image and bottom content. These are things you use to characterize the landing page as a whole. At the section level is the organization of the detailed content on the site, specifically the links to content pages that pertain to the specific theme of the landing page and to related links and forms.

General Elements

These are the elements that are managed at the general level:

  • Place a banner and a footer on the page.
  • Add introductory text to the page.
  • Add an image to the page.
  • Deactivate any unused sections that are displayed on the page.


A section is the area of a landing page in which you manage content that is relevant to a subset of information that is organized on a landing page. For example, the Employment Policies landing page includes the sections Employee Relations, Workplace Guidelines, Security, and others. You can include up to nine sections per landing page. Sections are organized in three columns and three rows, but you can use fewer on a page if you like. Each section includes a heading; a brief introduction to or summary of the section; and links to topic pages, forms, or other web sites. You can include a banner image.

Main Navigation

The main navigation menu is on the left side of the page. The links that are there support the theme of the landing page. The links are determined by the related links or forms that you map to the landing page.

Link Type Description
Overview This is a link that is the subject of the page, specified in the subject data item of the landing page with which the topic page is associated.
Related Links Links you add to pages of the same theme as the landing page.

Find a Form

Links to related forms that you add and the All Forms landing page.

Landing Page Elements

This table shows the elements of a landing page.
Element Description
Banner For an image at the top of the page. Spans columns 1-3.
Bottom Content For content at the bottom of the page. Spans columns 1-3
Forms Links to all related forms and a link to the All Forms page. These are shown in the left sidebar.
Image For an image above column 3, below the banner and introductory text.
Introductory Text

For text that spans columns 1-3.

Main Navigation Include a link to the landing page's Overview topic in the left sidebar.
Related Links Include a Related Links list in the left sidebar.
Sections 1-9. Three rows of three columns each for introductory text and links.
Widget Adds a widget for this landing page to the Home page.