Customizing self-service module labels and tooltips

Customers can specify the text that is shown in the Ask HR label and tool tip on the Knowledgebase home page. Configuration is done with a data item that is configured from the toolset.

Customer users who have access to the content toolset can access the document where the settings are made and then specify the data item values.

The tooltip field is limited to 50 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

  1. Access the client toolset.
  2. Check out the Knowledgebase application document for configuration. Depending on the configuration, the document name is either Knowledgebase or Knowledgebase Application.
  3. Click the menu list beside the document title and select Data Items.
  4. To edit the label of the link, click askHRButtonText. To edit the tooltip, click askHRButtonToolTip
  5. Select an option, or select Add custom choice and specify the label or tooltip.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Check in the document.
  8. Publish the document to Stage and Live.