Landing page content

There are two general classifications of landing page elements: page level and section level. At the landing page level are things like banners, title, main image and bottom content. These are things you use to characterize the landing page as a whole. At the section level are the main topics that organize the detailed content that pertains to the landing page theme. Each landing page has nine sections. You can hide or show any of these sections.

Landing Page Elements: Page Level

Use these elements to characterize the landing page as a whole.

Element Description
Banner For an image at the top of the page beneath the site banner. Spans columns 1-3.
Bottom Content For content at the bottom of the page. Spans columns 1-3
Image For an image above column 3, below the banner and introductory text.
Introductory Text

For text that spans columns 1-3.

Landing Page Elements: Section Level

When the page was set up, the sections were configured with links to content pages. For each section that is used on the landing page, you can configure these content elements.

Element Description
Image For a small image in each section.
Section Heading

For each section.

Section Introductory Text For each section.
Note: A Common Topic is a topic in a document used to organize link lists used in navigation. Almost all html-encoded documents that were created for your organization include a Common Topic. Do not alter or delete a Common Topic. If you add a topic to one of these documents, add it above the Common Topic. When viewed on the portal, the Common Topic is not visible.