Assigning group access to a page or uploaded document

Pre-built landing pages and content are assigned access to user groups. You can add or remove groups to pages and uploaded documents. When you create a new page, you must assign access to user groups. Even though a page resides in the system when you create it, it isn't viewable on the site until you give user groups access to it and publish it. When you assign access to a group, the page and links to the page are visible to users who are members of the group. You can use access in conjunction with group rules to make pages available only to certain groups of users.

  1. Access the document manager.
  2. Click the page or uploaded document that you want to edit. If the page is not checked out by another user, the system checks it out, and it is ready for editing. If the page is checked out by another user, you are not permitted to check it out until it is checked in again.
  3. Go to Tools > Access. The Portal Access menu, Assigned Groups form opens, showing groups whose users have access to the page.
  4. Click Unassigned Groups. The Unassigned Groups form opens, showing groups whose users do not have access to the page.
  5. Select one or more groups to assign to the page.
  6. Click Assign Group.
  7. To verify, select Assigned Groups > Refresh. The groups you added are shown.
  8. Close the Access menu. The page is shown in Edit mode.
  9. Click Publish and the environment to which you want to publish the page. The page is published, and group(s) you selected are assigned to the document.
  10. Continue editing or click Check In > Check In to check the page in. If you check in the page, it is available for editing by other users with editing access. The page can now be published to the life environment.