Tagging a landing page subject

Your landing page is a one-stop source for links to related topic pages. To map these and other links to the landing page, the landing page must be tagged with a one-word reference (the subject) that your topic pages will use when you link them to the landing page. Pre-built landing pages are delivered with built-in subject tags that you reference when you map the content to other areas of the site. When you create a custom landing page, you specify the value for the Subject tag.
  1. Access the document manager.
  2. Click the page that you want to edit. If the page is not checked out by another user, the system checks it out, and it is ready for editing. If the page is checked out by another user, you are not permitted to check it out until it is checked in again.
  3. In Edit mode, select the Page Name drop-down and select Data Items.
  4. In the Configure Data Items panel, select Subject.
  5. Delete [*subject*], type a one-word tag in its place, then click OK. Make the tag similar to the landing page topic so you can remember when you tag the topic pages later.
  6. Click OK to close the Data Item Editing menu.
  7. Close the Data Items panel.