Inserting and formatting a table

Use tables to organize information on a portal page. The Table tool simplifies the process of table creation and formatting. These are the functions that you can perform with the Table tool:

  • Insert a table
  • Delete a table
  • Control table and cell settings such as width, height, cell spacing, cell padding, alignment and border
  • Set the colors of the border and background by typing color names
  • Insert and paste rows and columns
  1. Access the document manager.
  2. Click the page that you want to edit. If the page is not checked out by another user, the system checks it out, and it is ready for editing. If the page is checked out by another user, you are not permitted to check it out until it is checked in again.
  3. With the page open in Edit mode, click the text block in which you want to insert a table.
  4. Place the cursor in the exact area where you want to insert the table.
  5. Click the Open Editor In Window button in the toolbar to open the Edit Text menu.
  6. Click the Table button, select Insert Table, and select the number of rows and columns.
  7. To make a table header, type text into cells in the top row and format the text to distinguish it from the table body text.
  8. Use the options that are available when you click the Table button to format the table. You can format the entire table, and you can format individual rows, columns and cells.
  9. Click Save.