Meta tag strategy for main pages

Use this list of main pages as a reference when you link content on your site. Main pages include these:

  • Standard landing pages and their associated content pages
  • Benefits pages
  • Life Events pages

The Subject tag is the tag that is used to link content to the main pages.

Standard landing pages and associated content pages

These landing pages and content pages are delivered pre-built and linked.

Landing Page Subject tag Content Page
Agents CSR CSR Content Page
All Forms forms Forms Upload
Benefits benefits Benefits Content Page


career Careers Content Page
Discounts discount Discounts Content Page
Diversity diversity Diversity Content Page
Employment Policies eepolicy Employment Policies Content Page
Financial Benefits finanicalpg Financial Benefits Content Page
Health & Wellness Benefits helathpg Health Content Page
HR hr HR Content Page
Leaves & Time Off leave Leaves Content Page
Life & Disability Benefits insurancepg Life & Disability Content Page
Life Events events not applicable
Managers manager Manager Content Page
New Hire newhire New Hire Content Page
Open Enrollment oe Open Enrollment Content Page
Pay pay Pay Content Page
Performance Management perform Performance Management Content Page
Recruitment recruit Recruitment Content Page
Safety safety Safety Content Page
Training training Training Content Page
Workforce Management wfm Workforce Management Content Page
Your Enrollment Process enrollment Enrollment Content Page

Benefits package landing pages

For customers who purchase the Benefits Package, these pages are delivered pre-built and linked.
Landing Page Subject Tag Content Page
Health & Wellness healthpg Health Content Page
Life & Disability insurancepg Life & Disability Content Page
Retirement & Savings financialpg Financial Benefits Content Page
Benefits Widget benefits Benefits Content Page

Life Events pages

Life Events pages are delivered pre-built and linked.

Subject Subject Tag
Adoption adoption
Death Of A Loved One death
Domestic Partners partner
Getting Married marriage
Having a Baby baby
Moving moving
Planning for Retirement retire
Saving for College college
Separation and Divorce divorce