Cancelling a workflow

A workflow originator can cancel a workflow that is in progress. No one else has this permission. The originator can cancel a workflow when a stage recipient is not available to complete a process, a stage recipient requires change, or stages will be added to the workflow.

When a workflow is cancelled, the document is removed from the workflow process. Cumulative changes to the document are saved as a draft. The document status remains Checked Out. The originator can then access the document and either update and send out a new workflow, check the document in with edits, or check it in without saving the changes.

  1. With the document open in Edit mode, select Workflow > Workflow Report. The Workflow Report shows any workflows assigned to the document, including completed workflows.
  2. Click the check box of the workflow you want to cancel.
    Note: You cannot cancel completed workflows.
  3. Click Cancel. When the workflow is cancelled, its status in the Status column is changed to Cancelled.
  4. Click the close window button to close the Workflow Report.