Widget behavior

Infor configures the widget board to your specification. Widgets and the widget board (that is, the Home page) have behavioral properties that present configuration opportunities. The best practice is to specify widget board configuration in one of two ways:

  • If widgets are unpinned, you can specify the initial arrangement of widgets that users see when they initially log in. Users can rearrange widgets on the board, close open widgets, and open closed widgets to the widget board. This setting applies to all users.
  • Widgets can be pinned to the widget board in an arrangement that you specify. Users cannot rearrange or close pinned widgets. In other words, the widgets are locked in place. This setting applies to all users.

Landing page widgets are filtered based on the user's access to the landing page. So if a user does not have access to a landing page, that user will not see the widget that is associated with that landing page. Other widgets can be made visible to all users or they can be filtered by group rules.