About this guide

This guide provides comprehensive information that is required for the creation and maintenance of content on your portal.

This guide does not include information about the setup of critical components that require the assistance of Infor, such as the Census Feed, Single Sign-On, and advanced configuration.

This guide provides information about document configuration for customers who administer the portal. It describes the process by which documents are added and linked using the pre-built elements such as landing pages and content page templates. It also provides information about creating and editing text, images and links.

Use this guide as a reference while you configure and maintain content on your site. This guide shows you how to use the administrative and user functions to complete these specific content management tasks:

  • locating and checking out documents to edit and configure
  • configuring the home page, landing pages, content pages, and navigation menus
  • adding and editing content (headings, text, images)
  • assigning access to pages
  • publishing pages
  • mapping documents to landing pages
  • creating and executing workflows

Intended audience

This guide is for Infor HR Knowledgebase administrators who are responsible for managing portal content, including those who maintain site organization and those who create and edit content.


This table describes the sections of this guide:

Section Description
About this guide A description of the guide's contents and intended audience.
Overview A broad description of important concepts that are related to Infor HR Knowledgebase.
Site configuration Detailed instruction about adding documents and linking pages together.
Content editing Detailed instruction about creating and editing text, images and links on the configured documents.
Tagging and mapping Detailed information about connecting documents and elements like related links, forms, and life events.
Uploading documents Information about uploading and tagging PDFs, spreadsheets, and other files.
Publishing Information about publishing edited and new pages.
Workflow Detailed instruction about creating and processing workflows for editing and review.